Accredited interpreter of the EU institutions
Member of Czech Association of Conference Interpreters (ASKOT)
and Union of Interpreters and Translators (JTP), both organizations are members of FIT

Tlumočení angličtina, němčina, slovenština, čeština

Interpreting - English, German, Slovak, Czech

Working Languages:

  • Slovak and Czech (mother tongues)
  • English (active, I work from and into it)
  • German (passive, I work from, but not into it)
  • I also speak fluent Italian, Spanish and Russian and have communicative knowledge of Modern Standard Arabic

Primary Specialization

  • European and International Affairs
  • History and Culture of the Middle East and Islam
  • Commerce, Finance, Banking (incl. Islamic Banking and Finance)
  • Intellectual Property
  • Environment and Renewable Energy Sources
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution and Mediation
  • European Work Councils

Gabriela Babulíková

+420 604 723 771,

Interpreting Services Offered


Interpreting with practically no delay. Either from a booth – typical for large conferences, especially if more than two languages are involved, at least two interpreters per booth needed, or whispering (for a limited time and maximum two listeners of a single target language).


Interpreter waits for the speaker to finish a sequence and than starts working. Suitable for small meetings and/or negotiations around a table. Time consuming – needs double time – for the original and the interpreting.

Interpreting Services - Gabriela Babulíková


Ms Babulikova has worked as an interpreter on repeated occasions in conferences organized by the EPO, such as the European Patent Forum and the European Inventor of the Year Award ceremony, since 2006.

Ute Kirstein, Head of Interpreting Dir.4.4.6, European Patent Office

I have seen and heard her interpreting on different occasions. I am fascinated by her passion for languages and life-long learning. I appreciate her friendly approach, team spirit and mastering stress. I also love her sense of humor. Working with her will contribute to the success of your multilingual and multicultural events.

Lubor Žalman, founder of EnCor and former CEO of Raiffeisenbank Czech Republic

Between 2011 and 2015, I have had the privilege to teach at a seven day interactive seminar organized by the Czech Bar Association for its professionals. Mrs Babulikova, together with a colleague, served each time as interpreter between myself and the class. Not an easy task, in particular when it came to translating simultaneously into English the verbal exchanges (sometimes quite animated) between the participants in the role plays, which constituted a substantial part of the program.

A splendid job, she did! Indispensable for me to be able to follow and comment on the spot on such role plays.

Patrick Van Leynseele, Attorney-at-law, Partner, DALDEWOLF, Brussels

Tlumočení - Gabriela Babulíková

Gabriela Babulíková

+420 604 723 771,